Neil Brown Herbs

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Neil Brown Herbs

Neil Brown Herbs is a small and friendly company started by Neil over 10 years ago, which has grown year upon year, enabling Neil to develop a vast knowledge of the industry.

We specialise in herbs, but also stock salads and vegetables. We work closely with British growers to find the best of UK herbs as well as innovative new products, such as the WOW! Living Micro Leaves, of which we are one of a select few wholesalers at NCGM.

We support Red Tractor produce but when UK is not in season, we will import herbs from a variety of countries such as Spain, Israel, Kenya and India. All of which continue the exceptional quality we demand from our suppliers. There is always something new or unusual to find at Neil Brown Herbs, such as lavender that we stock for the latest unusual chef creations.

Neil Brown operates a fully chilled and modern unit and offers a high level of customer service.

Fruit Products
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  • Salads
  • Herbs
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  • Niche and foraged foods
Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday : 00:00 - 06:00
C60 Fruit and Veg Market
020 7622 1831