The Gladwin Brothers have made a name for themselves with three restaurants devoted to field-to-fork menus that are both firmly seasonal and highly creative.

For food they can't source from their family farms in Sussex for their restaurants The Shed, Rabbit and Nutbourne, the brothers turn to New Covent Garden Market.

During the first three months of The Shed, their first opening, Richard and Oliver would visit the market in person to get a feel for prices and meet suppliers.

"We would take Monday night's takings and buy what we could," explains Richard. "In those days we were achieving the best GPs (gross profit percentage) we ever have because we knew the price of things and paid direct cash."

Nowadays the Gladwin's choose deliveries from First Choice for produce they can't source from Sussex, relying on the fact that they're "incredibly knowledgeable about British produce."

"New Covent Garden is absolutely essential to London's vegetable diet."

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