Eden Caterers

Eden Caterers create stylish meals for thousands of customers across London every week. 

Eden used to buy their fresh produce from a greengrocer. But buying direct from New Covent Garden Market has helped them to be far more flexible with their customers and more creative with their menus.  

Previously, they had to place any orders by 3pm. Now Eden can extend their deadlines for their customers: "We can turn up here and if we need another ten boxes of strawberries it’s no problem," says their Director of Operations Jeremy.

Adrian Collischon, Chef Director at Eden believes that visiting the Market has helped him to be more creative as a chef. He’s ordering more seasonally, including "a lot of different varieties you might forget about."

"To start with we came to the market for a better deal and that just opened lots of new doors for us with fresh produce."
Eden Caterers

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