Partridges in West London is part of a small chain of up-market grocery shops. They switched from relying on catering suppliers for their regular orders of fruit and veg, to buying directly from the market.  

Now they do the shopping themselves, visiting New Covent Garden Market two or three times a week. Quality is the prime consideration for their customers. Touching and seeing the produce in person gives them more control. 

"[At Partridges] we wanted greater control over the produce we were getting in terms of origin, quality, price, size..."

The benefits of buying from the market go beyond a great looking fruit and veg display. When the fruit and veg are fresh it "reinforces the impression that all the stock is well kept and fresh," says Ruth Holbrook, store controller at Partridges.

"We enjoy the trip to New Covent Garden Market: tasting and seeing seasonal fruits from different countries."

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