Brunswick House

The team at Brunswick House restaurant know good fruit and veg when they see it. The kitchen uses a handful of suppliers from the market, demanding the highest quality British gear, for customers "who will pay for very good vegetables," says Jackson Boxer.

Head chef Charles Woodward looks out for suppliers that "have as much interest in the produce as I have – who get excited about the seasons." The best, he says, go out of their way to bring samples of extraordinary produce. Handy for a restaurant where the menu changes from day to day.

Chef Woodward admits that he gets a buzz from how close they are to New Covent Garden Market: "It amazes me that all [the produce] comes in from so far and wide and goes out across the whole of London. Knowing that you are physically very close does make it easier."

"I love the market. We’re very lucky to be here and have it on our doorstep. It’s an amazing part of London’s restaurant culture."
Brunswick House

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