The market that feeds and flowers London

We’re London’s original and finest fresh fruit, vegetable and flower wholesale market. We supply London’s brilliant chefs and florists.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring wonderful fruit, veg and flowers from the world’s best growers to food and flower businesses all across London. Everybody in London should have access to delicious fruit and veg, and beautiful flowers. That’s why we’re here.

Our story

We’ve been making menus and arrangements awesome since 1670, first in Covent Garden, W1, now here at our home in Nine Elms. That’s an awful lot of heritage for you to discover.

Helping people and our planet

We’ve been around for a very long time and plan to keep it that way. We work to reduce our environmental impact and protect the future of our industry. We do this by sending zero waste to landfill, supporting local charities and working with colleges to teach the next generation of chefs and florists.

New Covent Garden Market in more than a nutshell

New Covent Garden Market is London’s original and finest fruit, vegetable and flower market. The biggest in the UK. We’ve been feeding and flowering London for hundreds of years, first in Covent Garden in Westminster, then from our home in Nine Elms. Gently migrating and evolving.

A trade secret

We’re a bit of a trade secret. We’re the place where your favourite restaurant sources their delicious fruit, veg and other fresh foods. The place your local market trader buys for their stall. Where your local pub, café, florist, school, hospital, even prison, get their fresh produce from. Had a cocktail recently? Guess where the fruit most likely came from. We supply an incredible selection of food and flower businesses all across London and the South East.

Connecting London to the fields of the world

We are home to 175 businesses. All of them unique. Their character is a big part of why the place is so special. What they all have in common is a deep commitment to serve London with the widest choice of the best quality, freshest produce. Our wholesalers connect our city to the farms and country. We connect London to the fields of the world.

Established today

A great market never stands still, never rests on its laurels. Established Today means constant best, constant fresh. That means getting closer to produce at its very best. Established Today means every night, the clock resets, and we start again. Fresh produce comes in, fresh produce goes out. We’re awake when the city sleeps, working tirelessly to keep a hungry and discerning London fed and flowered.

A fresh food catwalk

We are where new fruit and veg varieties happen, where food trends start in London and across the UK. This makes the Buyers’ Walk a fresh food catwalk. (Some of our regulars may have something to say about that!) The difference being, unlike fashion, every day is the new season.

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