"To start with we came to the market for a better deal and that just opened lots of new doors for us with fresh produce."
Jeremy Redgewell
"All our fruit and veg comes from New Covent Garden Market. The produce has always been great."
Naomi Twigden
"New Covent Garden Market has got a great vibrancy to it – you have a sense when you’re there that it’s the fruit and veg centre of London. It’s quite an incredible thing really."
Joe Lambert
"We enjoy the trip to New Covent Garden Market: tasting and seeing seasonal fruits from different countries."
Shaun Joseph Fernandez
"The fact that we can access high quality ingredients from New Covent Garden Market fresh every day is incredibly important to our business."
Megan Ellis
"I love the market. We’re very lucky to be here and have it on our doorstep. It’s an amazing part of London’s restaurant culture."
Jackson Boxer
"New Covent Garden is absolutely essential to London's vegetable diet."
Richard Gladwin