The Flower Market

To enable the Flower Market to open safely we've had to make some changes. Click more information for guidelines ahead of visiting.

Loved by London, supplied by us
Loved by London, supplied by us

Opening times and location

04:00 - 10:00 / 12:00
Monday to Saturday
New Covent Garden Market,
London, SW8 5BH
20 wholesalers under one roof

Get everything you need in one place

Imagine one amazing wholesaler. Now times that by 20. Save time and hassle when you get all your wholesale flowers, foliage, plants and sundries from just one place. You focus on what you do best – being an awesome florist. 

Buy in person, not from a screen

Dial up the colour, pump up the scent

Use all your senses when you choose your flowers at the Flower Market. Not a photo on a screen. Pick the down-to-a-tee shade of still-springing flowers to create a bouquet they won’t want to throw.

Fresh, daily deliveries

Use flowers that make your customers go 😍😱❤️

The smiles. The OMGs. The happy tears. The joy you give your customers makes all the hard work worth it. And when you use fresher, longer-lasting flowers, you’ll be making your customers even happier.

350 years of knowledge

Meet the biggest flower brain in the world

We started selling flowers in 1670. Before St Paul’s was built. All that knowledge, passed down generation to generation to generation. It’s yours to tap into. It’s like a walking, talking, trading, flower Google. But with a bit more cheek.

Unique products from around the world

It’s way more fun to set trends than follow them

Markets spark innovation. Our Flower Market wholesalers hunt all across the world to find that new thing that no-one else has. That means you get it first. One day it will be on everyone’s Instagram. But for now, it’s only on yours. #trendsetter

Seasonal British flowers all year round

Find flowers with as much personality as you

We love British flowers. So much that we founded British Flowers Week to support our wonderful industry. Buy British flowers all year round at the Flower Market and get that so-hot-right-now country garden look.

Deliveries to your door

Sleep in. We’ll come to you.

Let’s face it. Sometimes we all need that extra hour in bed. The good news is some of our wholesalers deliver to your door. They do the legwork, you save the time. All the wholesale flowers, plants, foliage and sundries. None of the FOMO. All you’ll be missing is the early start.

We supply 75% of London florists

Join London’s biggest community of florists

When you use the Flower Market you become part of a wonderful floral community. Make friends with other amazing florists, share tips and learn from each other every day. There is no other place quite like it.

We’re behind London’s great florists

From royal florists to market stall traders, businesses love New Covent Garden Market.

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A new concept in foodservice for a new era

New Covent Garden Market wholesalers Premier Fruits and Premier Foods Service Provider have joined forces with Absolute Taste and Absolute Taste Foods to create a new business, called The Menu Partners.

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British flowers calendar

Stay in season and know what’s in flower when with our British seasonal calendar. See the seasonal availability of over 100 British-grown cut flowers and flowering foliages.

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