Welcome to the Food Exchange

Written by Alastair Owen
December 05, 2017

A bold new home for everyone and everything to do with food.

The Food Exchange is a workspace, kitchen space and food culture venue. A creative new hub for food here at New Covent Garden Market.

Spanning three floors and three outdoor roof terraces, the Food Exchange is the first of its kind in the UK. It will bring together all flavours of food entrepreneurs under one roof, giving them a unique place to create, innovate and collaborate. If you work in food, there’s a home for you here.

Food Exchange Building 2
Food Exchange New Covent Garden Market 4

The Food Exchange will house Mission Kitchen, London’s largest and most inspiring shared kitchen, alongside private studios, with space for over 130 businesses working in food. It will also be an exciting food culture destination and a place for Londoners to cook, learn and eat together.

You can find out more about the Food Exchange here.

Food Exchange New Covent Garden Market 8

Private studios ready now

On the top two floors are our light-filled, contemporary private studios. These are ready to rent now for teams of all sizes working in food. Energise your team with an inspiring workplace and surround yourselves with other food innovators and thinkers.

Our private studios are for all types and sizes of businesses working in food, including food magazines, PR agencies, photographers, entrepreneurs, startups, recipe developers, stylists, writers and so much more.

To book a viewing and enquire, please go here. We'd love to show you around.

Food Exchange New Covent Garden Market 5

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