Did you feel the love this Valentine’s Day?

Written by Alastair Owen
February 18, 2011

No-one yet has the stats, but anecdotal reports are that love was definitely in the air and setting florists’ tills ringing this Valentine’s Day.

We see that F&WB are conducting a national survey of florists, and look forward to seeing details emerge of the trends and volumes for 2011.

But enough about the big picture. Let’s get personal!

Is it possible for a retail florist to enjoy romance on Valentine’s Day?

Let’s face it: you will have devoted weeks to promoting Valentine’s Day and days wrestling with bouquets of thorny roses against the clock, before eventually staggering home on the evening of 14 February.

At that stage, it may well be that you are not necessarily feeling (or possibly looking) at your most glamorous.

Did your partner manage to work his/her magic and make you feel like a million dollars all the same?

Or is Valentine’s Day a no-go, a Don’t-Even-Mention-It area in your home?

Or does being surrounded by lovey-dovey messages for days on end make you float home on an enchanted cloud?

Come to think of it, what is the perfect Valentine’s gift for a florist? Chocs, cuddly toys or hand cream, bubble bath and Elastoplast?

And what’s your stance on... (dare we even suggest it?)... receiving a bouquet of beautiful red roses?

So, did you feel the love this Valentine’s Day?

Share your joy/pain with the Flower Market community online.

The authors of our two favourite comments will be offered free tickets to the forthcoming For the Love of Foliage masterclass in the Flower Market on 9th March 2011.

Don’t worry if you’ve already paid – we’ll refund you the full cost of your ticket.

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