Twelve Days of Christmas

Written by Alastair Owen
December 02, 2010

Twelve days of Flower Market Christmas splendour! See some of the Flower Market's finest designers showcasing their festive displays.

If you want to get involved, why not go here and upload your Christmas designs for all to see.

On the first day of Christmas...

Ercole Moroni re-invents the advent calendar... using a stunning range of props, white glitter twigs, mirrored cubes, silk flowers and berries from the Flower Market’s sundries specialist, C Best. The Flower Market advent calendar a la Ercole Moroni is born.


On the second day of Christmas...

It is a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas tree made by Judith Blacklock. Her incredible, rich blue hydrangea heads come from those talented fellows, Barry and Bryan Porter at Porters Foliage.


On the third day of Christmas...

Our favourite smiling Dane, Jens Jakobsen designs a romantic winter garland of garden-style roses from Bloomfield, wax flowers from George Stokes at Goodchild, and sparkling silver and pink sundries from C Best.


On the fourth day of Christmas...

Witty Scot, Josef Norton, dresses a Christmas table with warm purple, red and pink anenomes from David Gibbs at D G Wholesale, guarded by the florists’ own Nutcrackers.


On the fifth day of Christmas...

Gillian Wheeler of Covent Garden Academy Flowers comes over all winter white with amaryllis from Ronnie at Bloomfield, and frothy white ribbons and pearlescent baubles from C Best.


On the sixth day of Christmas...

Amanda Austin creates a stunning wreath of rich red roses from Bloomfield, berried ivy from David Gorton at GB Foliage, frosted apples, orange slices, artificial berries and a candle from C Best.


On the seventh day of Christmas...

Andy and Brian at Wild About can’t choose. Will it be rich red “Rustic Luxury”, using fabulous festive foliage from David Gorton of G B Foliage and red candles and birch vases and bowls from the folk at C Best, or will they chill out with a frosty Christmas table with a modern twist, using roses from Ken at S R Allen and an array of glittering props from C Best? What would you choose?



On the eighth day of Christmas...

Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design is to be found decorating Nordman Pines from Quality Plants with twigs from Porters Foliage and amazing artifical flowers from C Best.


On the ninth day of Christmas...

Wonderful, winter white phalenopsis orchids from Orchid House cascade from Mary Jane Vaughan’s sensational vase arrangement. A touch of winter luxury from our expert grower from Enfield.


On the tenth day of Christmas...

Zita Elze does texture. Seedheads, pine cones, berried foliage, skimmia and moss from the experts at Porters Foliage met luxurious rose heads from Bloomfield in a floral Christmas tapestry.


On the eleventh day of Christmas...

British flowers are in the ascendant. Paperwhites, glorious paperwhites from the Isles of Scilly. Who can resist their exquisite scent, their delicate flower heads, and the hint of spring to come? Jamie Aston can’t! Perfect British paperwhites from British flowers specialist Pratley, designed by Jamie Aston... and by nature.


On the twelfth day of Christmas...

It's all about you! What floral masterpiece will you be creating? Where in the Flower Market will you be buying your flowers?

Share you pictures with the Flower Market community online and don’t forget to mention who supplied your flowers!

Go here to upload your photos and share your design ideas.

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