Stories from the market - Damian Fowler

Written by Charlotte Cowling
October 05, 2017

Watch Damian's story about life as a wholesaler on the Fruit and Veg Market, and learn how much working here means to him.

Welcome to our new series Stories from the market.

Over the coming months, we'll be creating a collection of short films about the market, watching it evolve and capturing people's stories along the way.

Stories from the market brings to life the energy, movement, character and distinct spirit of the New Covent Garden Market community.

From wholesalers, distributors and customers, to everyone else who contributes to its diverse fabric - everyone here has a story. We want to share and celebrate these with you.  

Our first is with Damian Fowler. Watch him give his insight into life as wholesaler on the Fruit and Veg Market, and how much working here means to him. 


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