Product Profile: Ferns

Written by Rona Wheeldon
April 24, 2017

In this month’s Product Profile, we’re taking a look at ferns. We'll focus on potted plants, but we'll also cover ferns as cut foliage and even artificial!

With the trend for houseplants continuing to gather momentum and Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017 being greenery, lush ferns are ‘all the rage’. And a very popular variety is Nephrolepis, also known as Boston Fern, pictured above.


In vogue in Victorian times, ferns are making a real comeback, not only in the worlds of floristry and gardening, but also fashion and interior design. There are so many different varieties including Adiantum, Asplenium, Asparagus, Phlebodium, Polystichum, Nephrolepis and Pteris, to name but a few. 

Their leaves, botanically known as fronds, add an air of freshness and coolness to a space. And Boston Ferns, in particular, have the ability to remove certain chemical pollutants from the air. 



Potted ferns are available at our plant wholesalers in a range of different sizes. For example, 18, 15, 10 or 6 in a tray. The majority of the trays on sale are of one individual type of plant, referred to as Singles, and as shown below at Quality Plants. But there is also a selection of trays of Mixed. And some of the larger specimen plants are available to purchase individually. 


Adiantum (Maidenhair Fern)

Adiantum Also Known As Maidenhair Fern At Quality Plants

Asplenium (Bird's Nest Fern)

Asplenium Also Known As Birds Nest Fern At Quality Plants

Asplenium 'Crispy Wave'

New Covent Garden Flower Market August 2016 Market Report Flowerona Hr A 46

Asparagus Sprengeri

Asparagus Sprengeri At Quality Plants

Asparagus setaceus (Asparagus Fern)

Asparagus Setaceus Also Known As Asparagus Fern At Quality Plants


Phlebodium At Quality Plants

Polystichum polyblepharum

Polystichum Polyblepharum At Quality Plants

Nephrolepis (Boston Fern)

Nephrolepis Also Known As Boston Fern At Quality Plants


Mixed ferns at Evergreen – Asplenium, Dryopteris, Polystichum and Polypodium.

Mixed Ferns Ôçô Asplenium Dryopteris Polystichum And Polypodium Evergreen

Mixed Pteris at Arnott & Mason

Mixed Pteris At Arnott Mason At Evergreen


You'll find ferns as cut foliage available at our foliage traders, including asparagus fern, phlebodium, umbrella fern, leather leaf, foxtail fern and Boston Fern (which is also sometimes referred to as ladder fern or sharon fern). The varieties below, in particular, are available at Porters Foliage. You may need to ask specifically for some of them as they'll be in cold storage, as opposed to on general display. 

Sprayed varieties of fern, sometimes with a touch of sparkle, can also be found at the Flower Market from the end of September to the end of December. Sprayed asparagus fern in particular has proven to be a big hit over the last few years!


Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern Porters Foliage

Phlebodium (Blue Fern)

Phlebodium Porters Foliage


Asparagus Fern

New Covent Garden Flower Market Christmas Special Report 2016 Flowerona Hr 135

Coral Fern

New Covent Garden Flower Market Christmas Special Report 2016 Flowerona Hr 55

Leather Leaf

New Covent Garden Flower Market Christmas Special Report 2016 Flowerona Hr 49


In their new 'Greenery Avenue', C Best have a selection of artificial ferns including...

Artificial Boston Fern Bush

Fern Bush C Best

Artificial Fern Plant

Fern Plant

General Advice

Care wise, as plants, the compost needs to be kept moist at all times and never allowed to dry out. Ferns also love moist air, so mist plants regularly. And keep them in good indirect light, but not in direct sunlight. 

There are several new books about houseplants which you may like to check out for care notes about individual varieties of ferns: 

At Home with Plants - Ian Drummond & Kara O'Reilly

House Plants - Isabelle Palmer

House of Plants - Caro Langton & Rose Ray

How Not to Kill Your Plants - Nik Southern/Grace & Thorn - Published in June 2017

Design Inspiration

Ferns, as potted plants, are ideal for adding a touch of lushness to a contract design or event. And Adiantum (maidenhair fern) loves being housed in terrariums, where humidity is naturally high. Plus, those that have a trailing tendency look wonderful in hanging pots. 

With regards to ferns as cut foliage, the asparagus fern is very much leading the way, from being incorporated into hand-tied bouquets and mantelpiece arrangements, to decorating stair banisters.

Here are some examples of beautiful designs featuring ferns both as plants and cut foliage...



(Source : Grace & Thorn)


(Source : Blue Sky Flowers)



(Source : The Flower Bird)


(Source : Grace & Thorn)


(Source : Zita Elze)


(Source : Botanique Workshop)


(Source : Mary Jane Vaughan)


(Source : Grace & Thorn)


(Source : Larry Walshe)


(Source : Botanique Workshop)


(Source : Botanique Workshop


(Source : Indeco Flowers)


(Source : Botanique Workshop)

Your Designs

We'd love to see photos of designs that you've made using ferns from New Covent Garden Flower Market. Simply send an email to, stating your company name and website address. Or if you prefer, you could post your photo on Instagram or Twitter and tag us with @MarketFlowers. We'll then upload your photos into this section.


(Source: MeadowSweet)

I hope you've enjoyed reading this month's Product Profile. Please do ask away below if you have any questions or would like to make any general comments. As always, we'd love to hear from you...

P.S. If you're a huge botanicals fan, then you may like to check out photographers India & Magnus from Haarkon's incredibly beautiful Instagram account, @haarkon_.


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