Explore the new Flower Market

Written by Alastair Owen
January 25, 2017

On Monday 3 April our brand new Flower Market will open. We're creating a more inspiring place for you to buy beautiful flowers, plants, foliage and sundries. A more fitting place for our wholesalers to sell them.

Explore the new Flower Market now in our guide for customers and florists. This explains all about the new market and how it works. From day one, you’ll be ready to continue buying, seamlessly, from your favourite wholesalers.

Located just along Nine Elms Lane from the current market, the new Flower Market remains in the heart of London and is a modern, bright and pleasant space for buying and selling flowers, plants, foliage and sundries. A more vibrant place with more buzz.

New Flower Market Evening 19 Jan 2017

Covered parking available allows you to load orders protected from the elements, which means no more damp flower heads. Bright lights let you see each petal in high definition, so you can handpick only the best for your customers. A warm café, that is not chilled, will be a cosier place to visit during those early mornings.

But not everything in the new Flower Market will be different. It will still be home to your favourite market wholesalers, as well as a dozen contract florists. The things you love; the energy, the spirit, the community and the banter. These, the essence of the market, all stay.


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