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Customer Profile: Lunch Bxd

Written by Tom Moggach
September 29, 2015

"We're trying to brighten up your lunchtime – to make healthy food fun and interesting," explains chef Naomi Twigden (pictured below right), co-founder of Lunch Bxd

Anna Pinder and Naomi Twigden of Lunch Bxd

Along with business partner Anna Pinder, the pair launched their company in early spring last year.

Recently re-launched, Lunch Bxd is a shining example of the new breed of food businesses harnessing modern technology to deliver direct to the consumer.

You'll have heard of some of the other players in this sector by now: Deliveroo; Deliverance; EatFirst; Gousto; and HelloFresh, to list but a few.

Each has a distinct business model – from partnering with restaurants to offer takeaways to mailing recipe kits - but all deploy cutting-edge technology and logistics to make ordering and delivery as swift and simple as possible. 

"Convenience and accessibility – people now just want things a lot quicker and more immediately," says Naomi.

"People are working longer hours and are willing to spend a little bit more … if they want something of higher quality."

Even taxi company Uber is muscling in on the act, trialling a service in Barcelona called UberEATS that will drop off a hot lunch or dinner in less than ten minutes.

Lunch Bxd focuses on delivering high quality healthy lunches to offices and cafés across Central London.

Bestselling dishes include their chicken satay, served with homemade satay sauce, quinoa marinated with lime and honey, peppers and pickled cabbage. 

Lunch bxd produce and packaging

Lunch bxd dishes

They cook all dishes from scratch and use Pavitt's Produce, one of the many wholesale distributors based at New Covent Garden Market, for their deliveries of fresh fruit and veg.

Naomi of Lunch bxd in the kitchen

Naomi says: "All our fruit and veg comes from New Covent Garden Market and we get deliveries most days early in the morning.

"We've built up a really good relationship with Pavitt's," she adds. 

Naomi Twigden of Lunch bxd

"The produce has always been great, they are really reliable and we know if we weren’t happy with anything they'd sort it out. It's always the same people that drop off the food so they know us and the kitchen."

Lunch bxd kitchen

Using the new Lunch Bxd website, individual customers can order their healthy lunches by 10am for delivery by 1pm the same day.

Larger orders – often for meetings and events - are pre-booked to minimize waste. They also offer wholesale to independent cafes.

So far, the pair has made 80% of their deliveries by bicycle courier as part of their focus on sustainability. Their recently re-designed packaging is fully recyclable, too.

"It is quite a lot about logistics what we do – getting the food right is half of it," says Naomi.

Lunch bxd packaging open

Their production kitchen is based in Old Paradise Yard, a fashionable development of studio and commercial spaces in Lambeth. The site was once a school and later a Tibetan Buddhist centre.

Lunch Bxd

Lunch Bxd Kitchen Exterior

Lunch Bxd old paradise yard

Other residents of note include Oasis Community Farm, an urban farm project that works with local groups and schools to grow food and demonstrate the potential of urban agriculture via techniques such as aquaponics for raising fish.   

Lunch Bxd oasis farm team

Lunch Bxd oasis

Lunch Bxd oasis farm planter

As we tour the site, Naomi explains that she only recently noticed the rapid growth of food companies using a similar model.

"We didn't have any competition at the beginning," she says.

"But now there's definitely lots of companies either doing it or starting to think about it."

"Having a [smartphone] app to find a cleaner, find lunch, find anything – that’s the way it's moving forward. But I don't think it's everywhere. It's really only in big cities for now."

Lunch BXD
020 7803 0871

Pavitt's Produce
020 7720 5252


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