Covent Garden Market trader the face of VE Day stamp

Written by NCGM
May 07, 2020

A Covent Garden Market trader who lived through the Blitz is the face of the VE Day 75th anniversary stamp.

George Sumpter is shown celebrating in Trafalgar Square in an image capturing the mood at the end of World War Two (below).

George Sumpter On Ve Day Stamp

Ever the entrepreneur, George joined the VE Day celebrations to make some money selling flags. Born in 1906, he worked in Covent Garden Market and joined the Home Guard — clearing up the destruction caused by German bombs. He ran his stall until three days before he died in 1983 from cancer. The iconic image captured on the stamp shows the joy on London's streets at the end of hostilities in Europe. Called ‘Jubilant public 1945’, the first-class stamp is one of a set of commemorative stamps issued to mark VE Day's 75th anniversary.

Royal Mail Ve Day Stamps

You can find out more and purchase the set of stamps directly from Royal Mail's website here.


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