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A chef's guide to food trends in 2020

Written by Tom Moggach
December 19, 2019

What will be hot to trot in 2020? We round up the latest food trends - as predicted by our expert traders.

Low Carbon Deliveries

"I'm getting more enquiries from my customers for British-grown produce due to carbon footage awareness. So we are now using, when possible, 'The Eco Fleet' cargo bikes for smaller deliveries," explains Jason Glass, director at Ripe London, a company that delivers seasonal fruit and vegetable boxes to workplaces across London. Here's a link to the ecofleet mindful delivery service.

Fruit And Vegetable Market Chefs Guide To Food Trends 2020 Eco Fleet Copy

Premium Kombucha

MOMO Kombucha is a small drinks company based here at the Market. Kombucha is said to support gut health, increase energy, reduce blood sugar levels and act as a natural detoxifier.

In 2020, we predict consumers will be discovering small-batch kombucha made the traditional way in 10 litre glass jars. The MOMO product is also totally unfiltered.

At Rovi in Fitzrovia, chef Yotam Ottolenghi is using kombucha for some interesting cocktails, for example a rhubarb kombucha.

There are three MOMO flavours: Ginger-Lemon, Turmeric and Elderflower.

Fruit And Vegetable Market Chefs Guide To Food Trends 2020 Momo Kombucha


"I think the big thing that will make a comeback is big bunched, old fashioned Hampshire watercress," says Vernon Mascarenhas, commercial director at Nature's Choice.

"I think chefs want to get back to something a little bit more basic. I think they are fed up with micros and what we call tweezer food."

Fruit And Vegetable Market Chefs Guide To Food Trends 2020 Watercress Low Res

The 30 / 70 Plate

As a rule of thumb, chefs often planned dishes based on a ratio of 70% protein to 30% carbs and veg. This is now being turned on its head, with plant-based ingredients taking centre stage. Cost is the main driving factor - meat is becoming more expensive. And this trend fits in neatly with a rise of interest in veganism and plant-based cuisine.


This is not new - jackfruit has been replacing meat on dishes across London. But Tastecard, the world’s largest dining club, has announced that this fruit has been awarded Taste of the Year 2020 as a result of predictions from over 300 UK chefs, 2,000 UK diners and evaluation of trends across social media.

In 2020, jackfruit will continue to grow in popularity. "There is a definite increase on interest in the prepped stuff," says Damian Fowler at wholesaler Gilgrove. He sells pre-prepared jackfruit.

"The issue with the whole fruit is the level of waste. For an eight kilo fruit you're going to lose about three kilos by the time you get down to the segments."

Fruit And Vegetable Market Chefs Guide To Food Trends 2020 Jack Fruit

Something New & Unusual

"We work with some of the top chefs in London. They are increasingly asking us for more unusual products," says Ben Cartwright, director at Le Marche.

"To give you an example, we just saw the start of the Limone del Berone from Sicily. This lemon is quite unique: it has a lovely sweet taste with zero acidity and a massive juice content."

"Chocolate oranges are hybrids from Spain created for their striking appearance and sweetness. It’s a cross between a Navel and a Navalina eating orange with a very high brix level - it's super tasty. It has a dark brown skin hence the nickname. Last year we had a very small quantity - about 300 kilos - but predict that this year it will be much higher."

Fruit And Vegetable Market Chefs Guide To Food Trends 2020 Citrus Le Marche

New Micros

The two main suppliers, Koppert Cress and Westlands, are constantly bringing new micro greens to market. Koppert Cress has just introduced Cuzco Leaves from a South American plant. This has a refreshing cucumber-like taste. Koppert Cress say: "It makes rich dishes taste fresher and lighter ... Use the leaves in cocktails, with fatty fish, tuna tartare, steak tartare and vegetable dishes. Combine with avocado, citrus, fermented vegetables, smoked and dried dishes, cheese. In combination with fatty ingredients the flavour is more nutty."

Fruit And Vegetable Market Chefs Guide To Food Trends 2020 Ccuzco Leaves

While Westlands launched their Edible Flower wheel this December.

Fruit And Vegetable Market Chefs Guide To Food Trends 2020 Edible Flower Wheel

What do you think will be trending in 2020? Let us know using the Comment box below.


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