The British Sweet Pea Gallery – designs by Paul Thomas

Written by Alastair Owen
June 17, 2013

For Paul Thomas, quality and the natural beauty of cut flower material are paramount. At our recent British Flowers Week workshop at New Covent Garden Flower Market, Paul created three signature pieces with his favourite British flower: the sweet pea.

Paul set out to upset the conventional view of the sweet pea as a simple garden flower, and demonstrate the versatility of this charming English classic.

"I love the papery softness of their petals and their delicate scent. Sweet peas are beautiful on their own, you don't need to mix them too much. To me, if I am combining them in a bouquet or arrangement, it is important to choose flowers with a similar softness of petal such as peonies or  the guelder rose - never with orchids, for example."

Paul Thomas Sweet Pea Bouquet Arranging

A Silver Urn of Sweet Peas

For British Flower Week, Paul Thomas re-created a stunning silver urn arrangement that adorned the foyer of The Ritz recently. Paul loves the idea of using a simple garden flower in a grand way.



The Romance of the Sweet Pea

In this dreamily romantic wedding bouquet, Paul Thomas has used cream sweet peas, 'Mother's Choice' peonies and viburnum opulus, the Guelder Rose.



Simply Sweet Peas

Stunning burgundy sweet peas in a mixture of white vases make for an enchanting table setting or mantelpiece arrangement.


We would love to hear your thoughts on Paul Thomas's creations for British Flowers Week. If you have any comments, simply type in the boxes below…


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