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On The Apprentice

Written by Alastair Owen
May 10, 2011

As you settle down tonight to watch the next series of The Apprentice, you may just recognise some of the faces on your TV.

No, don't worry, Stuart Baggs isn't back (at least we hope not!) but those faces will in fact belong to some of the traders at the Market.

The series' first task sees the teams heading down to the Market to try their luck at buying, preparing and selling fruit & veg.  And how hard can that be.......?

This is actually the third time The Apprentice has come to the Market (the first ever series had a task in the Flower Market) and the second time to the Fruit & Vegetable Market. Clearly, they see New Covent Garden Market as a home to entrepreneurs!

This is what the BBC has to say:

Lord Sugar wastes no time showing the candidates he means business, using the first task to challenge his potential partners' entrepreneurial skills. Each team are given £250 to invest in fresh fruit and vegetables, and Lord Sugar makes it clear that he expects a high return.

Packed off to New Covent Garden Market, the teams race to buy the best produce at the cheapest price and set to work adding value to their haul by making juices, fruit salads and soups, and pasta to tempt London's hungry workforce. With the pressure on to exploit both the lucrative breakfast and lunch trade, it's not long before the tension rises and the blame game begins.

The highly competitive candidates desperately attempt to sell their stock, bring back the highest return and avoid the firing line in the boardroom.

But for one candidate, business dreams are crushed as they are the first to hear the dreaded words 'You're fired'.

The Apprentice starts on Tuesday 10th May at 21:00 on BBC One.

If you don't get a chance to watch it tonight, we'll post the link here to watch it online later.

Go here to watch The Apprentice on BBC iPlayer >


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