Helping people and the planet

Zero waste to landfill

We send no waste to landfill. This is very important to us and part of our environmental commitment. We recycle around 15,000 tonnes a year. Any food that isn’t fit for humans is sent to some very happy pigs on a farm in Oxfordshire. Nothing here goes to waste.

We’re also working to reduce the carbon footprint of the market. From 2016 to 2017 we lowered our CO2 emissions by 14% and are working hard to push this even further down.   

Red tractor accreditation

New Covent Garden Market has the first fully Red Tractor accredited supply chain in the UK. We offer a complete Red Tractor Assurance chain from producer to kitchen to mouth. Fresh produce accreditation schemes Red Tractor and LEAF Marque give our customers a complete chain of custody from the field to the fork.

City Harvest

The team from City Harvest are a familiar face on the market. Every Friday, they collect any fit-to-eat surplus or split produce that would otherwise go in the organic waste bin. City Harvest deliver this produce, as well as generous donations from our wholesalers, to hostels, soup kitchens, day centres and other organisations across central and West London to help feed Londoners in need.

This started on Christmas Eve 2014 when a number of our wholesalers loaded up two Luton vans full of surplus produce that City Harvest delivered to Crisis in Bermondsey. They helped feed 4,000 Londoners facing hunger over the festive season.

Westminster Kingsway

We work with Westminster Kingsway Catering College to help teach the next generation of chefs. We bring groups of students down to the market to experience the buzz of this place first hand and to learn about fruit and veg, the seasons and the integral relationship between a chef and their suppliers. Meeting our wholesalers instils in them a sense of seasonality, respect for the produce and creates a relationship with the market for life.